Friday, July 22, 2011

New bathrooms


We are finally going to renovate our ensuite and the main bathroom and also the toilet.

Yep big job -I can't wait.

But OMG it is hard to get trades people to come and quote.And when you do their prices are so varied .

All this will be happening after the  LM's birthday party.

I have my budget and so far I am well under it (for how long who knows).

I keep thinking that if I don't spend it all on this project I can use it somewhere else.

The only problem I have is the colours.
I know in my head what I want but it is hard to find it in the shops.So I just keep looking.

So I guess I better hurry up and start looking  ha ha

This is my bathroom yuck .

dee x


  1. oh, how exciting :) we too are going to renovate our 'horrid' bathjroom too.... I look forward to seeing the end results :)

  2. I'm sure that the bathrooms will turn out exactly as you have planned them to.


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