Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big day

Well today was a big big day for Kev and I.

And a long post for you ha ha ha

We had to go up the coast for a funeral .A close family friend of Kevin's mother passed away last week and
today was her funeral.

I didn't think I would go but then I got thinking and thought this friend has accepted me into the family without a
problem and has been a good friend to Kevin for over 30yrs so I went .

Also I went because Kev is my husband and I wanted to be there for him as he has always been there for me in countless
situations and I love him for that.

So when I was thinking about the day and what  it was to be like I remembered that my Nana was cremated there so I decided
to get some flowers for her and say hello.

Kev cleaned the plaque for me and I have to say the whole gardens were kept really
immaculate anyway.

These are the  beautiful roses we got for Nana.
The colours were unreal -a creamy white with a raspberry edging
on them.Sounds weird as I can't really describe them.

Now why 3 flowers you may wonder?

One from my mum.
One from me and Kevin.
and one from Kerry and Aidan

This is the creek which is next to Nana.
It is beautiful and extremely peaceful. You could sit down and just daydream
for hours.Well you could but I wouldn't as I would be too afraid on spiders or ants getting me yuck-ha ha.

As you stand there you can hear the birds singing and the creek bubbling along...

In all it was a perfect site.
On the downside I can't believe how upsetting it was for me.
I was crying like a big baby.Not little crys No they were loud heart breaking sobs and after I went back
to the car I was so drained and confused as to where it all came from that I wouldn't talk to Kev I
just wanted to be by myself.

Spoke to mum tonight and feel a lot better now-thanks once again mum .

After the service we called in to see our beautiful niece Miss Makayla.

Check out the beautiful smiles on the pair of them.

Finally it was time we picked up the Little Man and  this is what greeted us.

Now why would he have a big green H on his face while the other kids had
tigers and such....

Well sit down...

The reason is H is for Honda and he was a Honda.

I told you he is obsessed with the car .

The LM is showing me how he is going to smile for school photos next week .Love the fingers...

   Crazy I say Crazy...............I hope he doesn't change though.I guess he make life interesting ...

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  1. A beautiful resting place for Nana. I would have cried with you, so don't feel bad. Makayla is so like Kate, a lovely little girl. As for Aidan it would have to be a Honda. What will he do when & if you change cars?


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