Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bits and pieces

        Well I have a mixed up post this time.

     Just a few photos that I haven't got around to posting.


Our new lap top.Whoop Whoop

I am so upset that my computer crashed and I lost all my photos(boo hoo still crying about it ) plus heaps of other documents that I
can't list as I can't remember what they are.

So we thought we would get a laptop this time at least it is portable.And while I have been sick it has been here in the cave(my bedroom) with me.
We are lucky though my printer is still able to be used but our scanner can't so we need to buy a new scanner.


I love my screen saver.They are just so cute the two of them.
 I love them.

I only put it on the screen  last night as I can't get used to this computer.The programs are different to the other
computer which was about 10 years old and Kevin had already upgraded it once and added more memory.

So now I have to get use to this one so -suck it up princess and just do it.

Well LM is turning 4 in a few weeks so we decided to give him a farm party.
Well that really isn't true.
I decided to make it a farm party ha ha ha

These are his invitations.
We  have  a farm nursery coming.You know chickens calf-lamb-baby ducks rabbits and don't forget the pig.

LM really loves PIGS at the moment so I made sure they bring a baby pig as well.They have one but we have to
 hope he doesn't grow to big real fast as they tend to do .

Where he gets this love of pigs is beyond me.Kerry took him to the circus and he hated it.
Didn't like the lions he wanted to see PIGS.


Taken yesterday before LM had his shower.He said he was a King and these are his robes.
This kid has a wild imagination..

And now the love of my life.
Taken at 2.30am today -isn't he so innocent looking-


He was laying there snoring away as if he didn't have a care in the world and OMG was he loud.

It still doesn't stop me loving him though.

dee x

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  1. Can't wait for the party. Yea Aidan turns 4....
    Butter wouldn't melt in Kevin's mouth by the we know differant???


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