Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter

I keep forgetting to tell you what we did on Sunday......

No we didn't go to church ha ha or do them other thing,You are bad for thinking that way ha ha

No this was better and I loved it.

Yes we went to see the final Harry Potter and we loved it.I just wanted it to end a little different and yes I
did cry during the movie and I wasn't the only one either.

My mum has been naughty though we had to tell her how the movie ends as she hasn't read the book.
Can't say too much because that's something I would do.

My in-laws looked after the LM and took him to soccer.
They said he behaved but they may have just said that.

Anyway I was very grateful to spend the time alone with Kev.

But have you been to the movies lately.OMG it is so expensive .

We bought our tickets $23 each

Then Kev gets upset if he doesn't get popcorn and a drink ,

Then he wanted malteasers and all I wanted was a bag of chips(which I brought home) .

Oh and don't forget the choc top -I think Kev would have a tantrum if I didn't get him one .He actually stands there with a pouty face till he gets one.(I love it when he does that )
So if you add that up it was around $35 AND THEN THERE WAS PARKING $10

All up it's nearly $100.

Well Harry is worth it.....

dee x

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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed the movie & thanks Kevin for telling me the ending. It's the same as when I read a book, I get halfway thru & then read the ending. I always finish the book though. Can't wait to see the movie. Love Mum xxx


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