Monday, July 25, 2011

Sisterley help

My sister is very anal.She takes after my mum.

Like both their houses are spotless and I mean spotless.

They clean up straight after meals.

Do the drying so no wet plates on the sink.

I wish I was like them.I mean my house looks good but don't look too close.And since I have been sick I don't get around to the little things
at the moment.

Well as it is the LM birthday in 2 weeks and my mum and dad are coming down I have started to panic about those little things.

But I am a lucky girl my sister came over today and cleaned my fridge out (looks good) and made a start on the cupboards,she did washing and folding and looked after LM and it was gratefully accepted.

And yes Kev has his own drawer just for his cheeses and chocolates.

Now Kev doesn't see the need to freak out.Who cares if there is a bit of mess....I his reply when I told him about the fridge and cupboards was "he is going to tell everyone who comes to the party to check out the fridge and cupboards)Yeah he thinks he is funny,

It's times like this when I could kill him ha ha ha


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  1. Don't look too close when next you visit, there are quite alot of dusty corners, I'm saving the enviroment by not spreading my dust. That's my excuse anyhow..


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