Monday, July 25, 2011

Crazy Baby

I have told you all before about the Little Mans craziness but this one had me laughing long and hard.

I have been hearing the LM giggle quite a bit when he goes to the toilet-didn't think much of it .Maybe
he was happy to release it -ha ha

Well today I saw why he giggles.

He squashes his little bottom down into the bowl then flushes it.  Kinda like a bidet.

Its the cold water on his bottom that makes him laugh and me as well.

So who is the craziest me or the LM, because I made him sit there and do it again just  so I could take a photo to show you all....or the LM

Cold water on his bottom ha ha

Now he is shy....

LM took this photo he said I look beautiful....ha ha


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