Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sore head

The little man gave me a scare the other night took about 20 yrs off my life.

OK so that is a joke but God he scared me.

We were in the kitchen when he wanted to go to his room well he turned and ran down the hall and some how smashed his head  against the wall corner.

But the noise he made-yuck he was screaming he came out to the kitchen and blood was streaming down his face .He just kept bleeding -well I started screaming  as well calling out to Kev -"What do I do Kev".

Well Mr Cool Calm and collected said "well grab some  tissues and put them on his head to try and stop the bleeding because they are right beside you"

Oh OK-so I did.

Anyway Kev picked him up and took over and stopped the bleeding -calmed LM down and most important calmed me down ha ha.

No hospital trip was needed.

All fixed.One happy Little Man.

Oh the  LM said he needed a bandage on his head when he went to bed - So that is what the photo is all about....Excuse the odd pj's but Kev dressed him and he doesn't care about matching pieces  he he he

dee x

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  1. You upset Aidan more with your crying most likely. He does look very upset though. News at day care to-morrow..


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