Monday, July 18, 2011

Congratulations to us...

Well have we got some exciting news to share.

Kevin's son Mitchell told us on the weekend that he is going to be a father.....

It's a bit hard to believe but we are going to be grandparents..I thought this wouldn't be happening for a while but
               Yay we can't wait.....

Poppy and Nanny Dee (that's our new names ha ha ) went shopping yesterday and bought our baby their first teddy bear and a beautiful white jumpsuit.

Poor Kev he said this baby is going to cost him a fortune.Yep it will then we have 4 more kids to go through this with.I am hoping that when all the kids have had their babies that we will have a even dozen in grand kids.(wishful thinking just deal with number one)

So my prediction is the baby is a little boy.It would be so nice for Kev and Mitch to be able to pass on our last name.

PS-I am just so lucky to have such a handsome and loving husband that I know he will be a wonderful Poppy.

dee x

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  1. Congratulations to you both. Now the fun will start.


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