Friday, October 8, 2010

My Best Friend....

Our best friends are  Lisa and her husband Alan.

We go away together do the normal best friend stuff and they are Aidan's Godparents a role they do with love and we love them .....


Lisa has been exercising and dieting (you know all those naughty words ) for a while .Well today she sent me a photo of her in a dress.

Lisa does not wear dresses.

Well the old Lisa dosn't but the new Lisa does and she looks beautiful, So I had to show her off.

We are both so proud of you Lisa ..

dee x


  1. Yes, Lisa does look beautiful & she's gone thru alot to get there. Congratulations to you Lisa from Joan & John xx
    Love Mum xxxx

  2. She looks so beautiful! It's not weird because she started a new life ;)


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