Monday, January 31, 2011

No my worst nightmare comes true.

We never ever let LM in the pool be himself,  Someone must be watching him the whole time.

I have a problem with parents and pools and those who don't worry about the kids...makes me sick.Even if Kev is outside with LM I still kept checking on them-it only takes a second.

Plus remember LM has been having swimming lessons since he was 8 months old and is very confident in the water but that dosn't change a thing he still gets watched

We have already had LM fall into the pool  and because of lessons he was able to come back up and swim to the side and hold on,We were in the pool yard gardening at the time

So his swimming lessons saved his life.

While we were having our great Sunday yesterday this happens.......

I was inside and had my camera looking for LM who was outside with Kev, anyway LM didn''t know I was "watching no it wasn't stalking him ) Then the LM sees Kev down in the pool shed  -
So what does he do???

He goes and gets a chair from the outdoor setting and drags it over to the gate(now i start taking photos because i was unsure what he was going to do ) and he precides to 
                                                                  OPENS THE GATE....

I tell you I nearly died .I stood there just looking at what I had seen when luckily for me (because I dont think I could have spoke )Kev was at the gate -he saw what happened and boy did they have  a talk about it.....Poor little fellow Not the LM I was worried about poor Kev -Oh ghostly looking  husband with the white face,

The  photos.I can't stop looking at them.
I keep thinking OMG he is just 3 yrs and a bit .Scared the crap out of me ...
So if you know of friends with pools please tell them to be careful-I know I couldn't bear to lose
my Little Man evan though he is a terror some days.


  1. Aren't you lucky that Aidan has had swimming lessons. It goes to show how quickly things can change into what could become a real disaster, you really do have to always keep an eye on little ones around a pool,& pool fencing will not stop a determined little one. I still can't believe that he did that at 3 1/2 years old.
    Love mum xxx

  2. Wow, what an incredible story. It's very very scary. But on the bright side, gee, he's a smart little fellow isn't he! But as you said, Dee, you have to watch them like a hawk. You're doing a brilliant job. Deb xox


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