Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chicken volies

I know I have said it before but Kevin is a great cook.I guess I sound like a broken record.

Before I got sick I wouldn't let Kev cook....... Oh no that was my job as well as the washing, cleaning and if he ever touched the ironing -well bring on World War 3.

But things change and he has took over all of these chores.I am gradually starting to do some things but poor Kev just does it without whinging.(well not when  around me ha ha )

God I love him.

Well last night Kev  made chicken volovants, My mum makes them and she told us the recipe ...
They are so yum.We usually eat the medium size case and the LM eats 3 or 4 of the little ones.Plus the added bonus apart from them tasting good is that they are so easy to make.

Don.t they just look yum.

All you need is
Volovant cases
Cooked chicken cut up into pieces.
A packet of cheese sauce-Mum prefers McCormick's brand.
Some chives.
Chopped mushrooms

Make up cheese sauce and then add the other ingredient's .
Put into cases,
Add grated cheese to top.Salt and pepper then place in oven till cooked.

Then be prepared for a really yum  meal.

And Kevin did all that and they were delicious.Thanks Kev



  1. Might have to try these Dee, thanks for sharing

  2. Made these last night Dee and they were a hit :)


  3. A nice and easy recipe. Handy to have for unexpected visitors.


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