Sunday, February 19, 2012

Darwin Bombing

Do you know that today is the 70th Anniversary of  Japan's Bombing of Darwin.

I don't know too much about it as we werent' taught about  it in school but I have been watching Sunrise and various other sources to find out more.I think I will even get a book on the subject just to be more informed of our history.

243 people were killed and a further 300 -400 were injured.

188 Japanese aircraft attacked Darwin.  Actually they were on their  way to bomb Timor and Java but change tatics  to bomb Australia to damage our morale.

We lost
20 planes
8 ships
The Japenese lost 10 planes.
Our Government has  kept this quiet from the rest of Australia to avoid panic,

Here are  couple of photos of  Darwin showing the destruction that was caused.

Why am I blogging about this as it really is a different post to what I usually do --but I just wanted to pay my respect for the soilders and civilian's who died on this day in 1942.

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  1. Lets hope that nothing ever happens like that again. I think that most Australians thought that it could never happen to us as we were so far from everything. The photos are very graphic and really bring it home to the damage and loss of life on that day.


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