Saturday, February 4, 2012

Around our house

Well nothing exciting is happening here at the moment -just the normal things like washing cleaning ironing so I thought I would show a few pictures of what ever took our fancy...nothing flash .

This is the LM's best friend at the moment.
He begged me to take her photo ...
Then he went and got some more toys and he took this photo...

LM took this photo of my wonderful husband.
     Shame about the Bulldog shirt though ha ha ...

I told you he loves this "ambulance" he is always doing little  tricks on it to show me....

My new best friend
.I don't know if I really like it at the moment as it is harder to
use but it isn't as bulky as the other one.Kev said just use both till I decide.

I had to show this.I got it for Christmas from my wonderful Kevin.I have been looking around for one of these for ages but they were blue and I can't stand the colour blue.So when I saw this one in Freedom furniture I knew I just had to have it -I just didn't count on getting 2 of them.
I also got one from Kerry for Christmas exactly the same.How lucky can you be.Anyway Kerry graciously took hers back and has bought me something else.
PS don't you love the photos of my Kev.The baby is my newphew Tyler who is now 5yrs old.Oh how time flys by when your eyes are closed for a minute.Ha Ha

Hey just a  funny thing LM said last night.
We were talking about a game that Kerry had on her phone and I was asking if I could get it for the computer so LM could play it there.Well the LM pipes up and said "Yeah you can do it just get Kerry's Sim card and put it in the computer and download it"
Where does a 4 yr get this sort of knowledge?I don't even know if what he said is correct but I thought it was clever.ha ha

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  1. The photos are nice considerating that you've done nothing. Aidan will be a real wiz kid for computers for sure, and I love all his little friends.


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