Sunday, February 19, 2012

Soccer Boots

Kev  has  joined our local soccer club  ( how exciting )  and  signed the LM up to start playing this year....The games start around mid April  - I think.
I better check that out.

I know the LM will be really shy at first but I also  know he will love it .

Anyway we had to get him some soccer boots. And as I cant go shopping at the moment ( I am hanging out to go to the shops )


Kev took him  yesterday  to get them (this is the first time I haven't been with him while he gets shoes etc.. so it was a bit sad and weird  for me...yeah I know I am pathetic..but getting back to the shoes ).

The  big reveal -The LM brought them down to show me and OMG they are the cutest things ( if soccer boots can be called cute )-and so small...
I didn't think they would fit him and that Kev had got the wrong size.

So he has to try them on again.....

Now have you ever seen such cute boots before...ha ha

Sores and bandages he is such a typical  little boy ....

Yes I am wonderful...

Since I was taking photos LM wanted to take a picture of Kevs legs..
Now these are what I call sexy ha ha ha
 Sorry Kev they are beautiful  feet and cute wirery legs...

So all up Kev did a wonderful job and I am happy.
Maybe I dont have to do everything and I can let others do it for me......


  1. I love the Balmain colours on his soccer boots and the pose, yes I am wonderful. Where are Kevin's boots?

  2. they are great, my kids play soccer also. My boy started when he was 3 and for the first season pretty much sat on the field and was miserable - but last year was great. they play for balmain so those coloured boots would be fab!
    BTW are you still interested in the painting? no problem if you arent.
    cheers Fiona


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