Monday, February 20, 2012

Venison pie.

Today I thought I would try and cook  Kev a special dinner .

You know just to say thanks for everything and that I love you and appreciate what you have done  for me while I have been sick- (what a mouthful  but true  )

So I am making a venison pie....

Never made it before but I will give it a try cause Kev likes it.The LM and I will have pork chops for dinner yum.

Firstly I checked the net for a recipe but I didn't like any of them so I am making it up myself.( God help us )

So I try to cut up the meat-cant do it-  it smells horrible  so its Kev to the rescue.

Then I have to marinate it in red wine overnight..
Once again Kev to the rescue......It is such a shame to have a open bottle of wine so Kev happily proceeds to drink the rest.

                       So I add all my vegetables and gravy  into a bowl and mix ..

Put the mix into a dish and cover with puff  pastry.I even made a little one for the LM

Kev got straight into it before I even got  a chance to take a photo...(looks urgh...glad I am having pork chops)

                                                          The LM loves it.Can't you tell...

So it all turned out good.LM was just happy to eat and Kev had a full belly and was content
and me -Well I was just smug that I made it and that it was edible.ha ha


  1. Sounds & looks like dinner was a hit with both Kevin & Aidan. Did you enjoy your pork chops?

  2. I just can't bring myself to eat venison, but so many love it. You done good! Nice blog, by the way.


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