Thursday, March 29, 2012


I was in my room yesterday ( whats news with that I am always in my room )  anyway I could
hear the LM yelling out "TIMBER"

I started looking around to see where  he was and what was he doing."TIMBER."...was still being heard.   then I happened to look  out my window and I nearly died on the spot....

This is not something you want to see.  Your boy on a ladder with a pair of scissors cutting
the leaves off the trees and he was standing on tippee toes.

So I open my window to tell him to get down ( or words to that effect ) and he turns around and says

"HI Dee Dee....I am helping DA cut the trees"

.He sounded so cute I didn't say anything TO HIM .     

                  No I went looking for Kevin...

Do  you know where the LM is and what he is doing ????????....

No he didn't. So I told him and Kev's reply was

"Don't stress - I put the ladder in the garden for him and gave him the scissors"

 URGGG sometimes I could just   -No No Dee just calm down and remember this is the man who bought the LM a REAL cordless drill  for Christmas when he was 2 .
              I think I will go back into my room and close the blinds.I have a headache or two.

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  1. It's lovely that he always wants to help. I really don't like the idea of the scissors though. Being mothers we always think what may happen don't we.


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