Monday, September 17, 2012

99 Days.....

Yes you read that right....Scary isn't it.

Last night I was reading a couple of my favorite blogs One Crafty Mumma and A collection of thoughts and saw this I nearly died pardon the pun ha ha.

I just didn't realise how close it actually was so today I start  working through with all my Christmas ideas and preparations .On One crafty mumma Mel has given an App to help with lists and gifts so I might even become a bit tech savvy and get that who knows if I will though it's is abit radical for me ...ha ha

So come on and get your pen paper or phone out  and start being  like Santa
                        He's making a List
                                and checking it twice.....

Oh dear it must be the drugs....Take care

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  1. It's frightening how close we are to Christmas.
    Definately have to get out the lists..


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