Friday, September 21, 2012

A Footy Saturday..

It's grand final qualifier  fever in our house this Saturday night ...Go Bunnies...

Kevin and his family are big  Bulldog fans where as The Little Man and I are Rabbitoh fans ...Yeah go the Bunnies  !!!! ..It's weird but although  I don't understand footy  I do remember my Grand father being a Bunnie supporter so that's why I am and so is the LM.

I've got no chance of Peanut being a Bunnie fan as Emmanuel (Peanut's dad ) is also a doggie fan same as his family.So my little Peanut will be a Doggie fan boo hoo....

So it's on for this Saturday Night... .Two great teams (well one great team- The Bunnies and one so and so team   The Bulldogs ) will fight for their chance to be in the 2012  Grand final.

I am hoping and will even say a  little prayer that my Bunnies will win and they just might.... (but the Dogs I feel will just beat us on the day...Shh you didn't hear me say that.)

So Saturday night we are having a BBQ with some friends and family to watch the game and eat some yummy food...

There will be balloons, streamers good food and of course beer  cheering for our teams  and then there will be tears when my

                      MIGHTY BUNNIES WIN !!!!!!!

GO BUNNIES...........

Boo Hoo it's 11.19pm on Saturday night and I think you have figured it by my 1st two words,
The Bunnies lost and now the Bulldogs will go up against Melbourne Storm next weekend....
Boo Hoo Hoo...Good try Bunnies.

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  1. Have fun. I prefer a good book & a glass of wine it's better than watching football.


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