Monday, September 24, 2012

Scrapbooking yesterday

I haven't done any scrap booking for ages...I mean I like doing  it but it isn't everything to me ....
I am like a Jack of all trades but a master to none...My scrap pages are fine but I prefer the mini books more.

Anyway I saw this snowflake page on my blog travels (sorry I can't give the person who made it any credit but many thanks for a wonderful inspiration ) so I decided to scrap lift it....

I couldn't get the embellishments  in Australia  so thanks to Etsy I got them there and they were lots cheaper even with the postage added on....

So yesterday Kevin made a spreadsheet and was listing and numbering all our dvd's and putting them in the Union Jack cupboard we made so I has no access to the computer so I thought lets do this snowflake page.....which I did...

I really liked how it turned out considering how much I dislike the colour blue.

I was a roll then so I finished off this page which had been sitting in the cupboard for almost 2 years unfinished. All I had to do was glue a few  things down and add the writing 20mins later saw  another page finished.  Yeah..... and  Guess what it's another  blue page.....

I showed you the pink bunting I made for my neices birthday well I made this just before we left for her brother..........I wish I had bigger letters or something under them (on the pink I put a paper  doiley ) to show them up abit but it was a few minutes before we left so I thought this is good enough.

So that's going to be the end of "blue " for a while.....Bring on the pink.......


  1. Looks great & I do like the blue. A nice change.

  2. you're an artist with the scrapbooking! Looks awesome! I started two for my kids years ago and then didn't complete it. I loved putting them together but didn't have the patience, you've inspired me!

    PS. I love your blog look, do you mind my asking what template you used? It's a nice clean look.

    1. Hi Karen sorry I have took so long to reply I am really slack ha ha .I used blogger and I got the header from a free site.But I am about to update .Emily from crafty girl is about to redesign my blog cant wait-take care dee x


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