Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spring has sprung

Hi Everyone.
Sorry I haven't been posting but you know what is happening by now SICK SICK and SICK...
I am really tired of being sick,I am OK in the morning but come afternoon and Bang I am out for ten,

Anyway today I had to go and see my local Doctor I think I have put his kids through University with the amount of times I have seen him ha ha ha while I was walking down the stairs to get the car I noticed my lavender plant.It is living and thriving in a wine barrel at the front of our house I was excited to see my first little lavender bud for spring.....So beautiful that I had to take a photo but I only had my iPhone on me so they arn't the best but I like them regardless....

Isn't she beautiful....

Then I looked down and saw MORE and how lucky for me ha ha I even have a little yellow weed in flower  .Do you remember these flowers? We used to call them wet the beds..ha ha brings back memories.

A close up of another little bud...The smell from this plant is so sweet and sounds weird but it just smells like summer and calmness...(I think the drugs have got me )

Then I saw my little flowers I cant remember if they are pansy or violets but who cares I love the colours in each one and also that no two are alike...

Look at this purple one and all her markings ...beautiful..

This one is also sweet but looks shy -puting her head down ...Come on Mum what are these called I can't remember -like it is on the tip of my tongue but I can't get it out..(drugs again ha ha )
Then to top it all off my strawberry plants now has a few little flowers...The LM loves strawberries.We have trouble with these as the birds keep eating them..Anyone know how to fix that ?..Thanks Mother Nature for this lovely burst of colour...Spring has Sprung at my house...


  1. I love the pansies. I think the other one is dianthus but not sure unless I could see it better.

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