Thursday, July 12, 2012

Union Jack Cupboard.

Did you guess what the sneak peak was???? Yeah I know it wasn't hard.
Anyway it all started last August when I bought this cupboard from eBay for $63.00. Kev picked it up and she sat on my back deck for around 9 months just sitting there.I knew what I wanted to do with her but we just couldn't get our act together to start.
Well we finally bit the bullet and went to work on.
Before you go any further you better get a coffee or a cup of tea.This is photo overload.he he he...
Our $63.00 bargain.Isn't she beautiful....What do they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

I was very unhappy with this shade of blue but Kev kept saying it will be OK just wait....

    Yeah all taped up and first cross painted.

Yeah Kevin is finished painting.It has taken him hours I would hate to add them all up.It took him around two hours plus just to measure and tape it all up..That's why I got Kev to do all this part as he has the patience and he is meticulous in what he does.Me ? no I don't have the patience I want it finished yesterday.ha ha ha

Tape all to stress and antique it....the cupboard not Kevin ha ha

We started to antique it using the stain that we were putting on the top but it looked yuck.I remembered I still had these from when I did folk art,You wipe it down with the linseed oil then put a bit of the oil paint on a cloth and start rubbing it over the piece not too big a area at a time.Then get a clean cloth and wipe off as much as you like.

The bottom half of the drawer has been antiqued while the top part is just painted.Big difference hey..
Oh and have a look at my cute little bandaged legs you can just see my toes peeping out
Its not finished but I just had to see what it was going to look like before we went any further.

What a mess you think I should have moved it before I took the photo but No......always in a hurry.
   The Little Man did try to help. Well help the best he could.

On this photo ( they aren't in  order ) I dropped the sander while stressing it....And while I like it to be heavily stressed I didn't like this white spot. So I got out the blue paint   and dabbed it with my finger let it dry then lightly sanded it and applied more oil and antique paint and Yeah all gone and I am one happy camper.But poor Kevin's face when I was sanding it I thought he was going to die after all his careful painting and prep work and then I come along with the sander and Vroom Vroom all gone...

     First coat of walnut stain and we are looking good.

     Yep.............. Kev it does look good...

          My handsome guy.

All finished and looks soooooo good...

I have to say thanks to this lady because it was here I got the idea from Miss Mustard Seed  and also
Fiona from Lilyfield Life who also was a big help with her posts on how to paint this pattern.Hers looks so good.. Please check out Fiona's blog it is  awesome with many helpful hints and she has a vast knowledge regarding painting furniture plus the photos she takes are beautiful..
And also a big kiss to my wonderful husband who painted this cupboard and did such a wonderful job.
Even though he thought I was weird and "you want me to paint what" but he did it and now it lives in
the bar room in a prime spot.


  1. It looks wonderful Kevin did a fantastic job, not forgetting you & Aidan did help or is it hinder?


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