Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Craft.

Hi.... I have been crafting heaps this weekend like I haven't been going to bed till around 2.30am.That's because of all the pain I am having -so instead of staying in bed and trying to settle down with the pain I have been just getting out of bed and going into the craft room and messing around until I am exhausted and then I go to bed.
I only have one totally finished project to show and I need to finish off some today and take my pictures etc.....So that will be in my next post.
I really love these button letters. For this one I had to buy a bag of blue buttons from Spotlight for $8.00 as I don't do much in the colour blue (because I hate the colour.I can handle navy or denim but that's it.Sorry mother nature but blue isn't my colour )
 I have double doors which open to my  craft storage area and even though that is a large space of course I have filled it up ( Kevin said with crap ) so I am always looking for ways to store stuff and make more room.
I can't remember where I saw these but thanks to the original .
We bought little rails from Bunnings the ones we got were about $3.00 (no screws came with them )
We just screwed them to the inside of the door and now most of my punches have a new home.I have heaps of smaller punches so I need to get a basket to put them in and also something not so deep for for edges punch but for now I am really happy how this turned out.
 On the other door we hung a small rail and also a little basket .Again these were from Bunnings the  rail was $2 something and the basket $3 something. and now I have a home for my rolls of paper and cellophane .No more crushed paper or rolls falling on my head when I move something to get something else ha ha
This is a fun picture the Little Man took of me.When I saw I thought  DELETE....but then I
starting to giggle to my self  thinking it looks like one of those paparazzi  pictures when the subject is saying   "No pictures ...."
Yes my mind is warped.


  1. I love the letter with all the buttons, & what a great idea for all your punches & wrapping paper.
    You'll be so neat soon that you wont find anything anymore.

  2. I love the wrapping paper storage, think I might do that as well, I know what you mean about paper falling on your head, happens to me all the time! And as for the punches, it looks excellent, think I will have to borrow a few xxxx


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