Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lucky girl.

Lucky girl..   .yep the title says it all....I am one very lucky girl.
Kevin had a day off today and for the first part of the "day" Kev had things to do with his son Ashley so I just did my ironing whoop whoop and THEN Kev came home and said lets go out for lunch,
Well we don't get the chance to go out on our own  much because of the LM  so I was out the door as fast as my fat sore little legs could go....

Now I thought we would be going to the local pub for lunch but no we went up market ..Oh La La.

This place is really nice.  We have been here before .You can eat outside or stay inside-today we sat inside as there was a slight breeze and my legs don't like being cold...Gee that sounds dumb it is like my legs have their own personality...(truthfully I think they do )


Kev enjoyed his salmon with asparagus in dill sauce with crunchy baked potatoes...Like I said too many veggies for me......One is one too many ha ha ....

I was presented with this yumo dish ....mushroom and chicken crepe with the best potato chips ever..
The portion sizes are really big so Kev ended up with half of this as well as his lunch.Luckily salmon and chicken go together good.
Sorry about the photos I took them with my phone and felt really weird doing it so it was quisk "snap" and then put the phone away PHEW did any one see that? ha ha
Thanks Kev for such a lovely afternoon .Good food and the best company,Love you Kev  (mush mush mush )

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