Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crafting part 2

Well here I am again with the balance of my craft that I couldn't fit in last time or if I did you probably would of died of boredom....ha ha
So here is the rest of my goodies....
Give me some glitter and what do you get ?????
Apart from the mess (ha ha ) you get 2 really pretty signs..

More letters from Typo and more names from Cherry Blossom Decor and now I have more Christmas presents all painted and finished.
I made my JOY sign for Christmas...
Get one Typo letter A add an atlas page of Australia and presto another cute alphabet letter
for the LM's room..
More of the letters......Seems like an endless parade of these but I did 12 in total.
More name plaques.....These ones turned out really good....

Joys for my mum....so she can put away for christmas presents.
OMG I can't believe how much I have done ,I mean they wern't hard just fiddly but worth it...
Better go I have heaps more to do...and I have a Little boys birthday party to get ready for also....


  1. The map letter is FABULOUS!

  2. All wonderful. I love the joy that you made for yourself. it looks amazing, just the right amount on it.


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