Friday, July 20, 2012


The Little Man has a reading challenge at his day care .They have to "read" around 20plus books in 4 months.

We have been doing this and have discovered some favorites that the Little Man loves but the problem is he has outgrown most of the books we have

The Book Depository is a online book store -it is in the UK but they have free postage and the prices are great,I can;t get them as cheap anywhere here.

We just did an order and received it on Monday -So fast.The books were better than I thought so (sorry Kevin cover your ears) I have just doubled that order (some are presents) I cant wait to get them...

Here is our new stash of books.I can't wait to read them all.

I just had to read this one first and it is now a firm favorite with the LM and me.

Check out the knickers aren't they cute....My favorite is the Union Jack undies Just imagine Queen Lizzie with these on under her gown.....

So I have to say thanks to Kate from Something for Kate.

This is where I found out about this site .Kate site is great full of ideas and her Etsy shop is to die for.
I have quite a few of her prints they are so colourful and just make me smile.

Have a great day I have some craft to get finished.


  1. No complaining that there is nothing to read..They were a very good buy.I'm sure that Aidan will love them all.

  2. That site is fab!

    Dan has been reading the Wonkey Donkey to Annaleise on webcam - she really likes it! We recently dusted off Possum Magic too! It's always enjoyable!

    I'll bring some books down with me when I come for the Little Mans birthday - we have books coming out of our ears, and we like to swish them around with friends - it keeps them new and exciting for the little ones without sending the Mums broke :)

    Love you x


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