Monday, July 9, 2012


Yes "Andever" is a word and a very special word to Kevin and I.
When I told him that I loved him forever Kevin added the word "Andever" to it.
Since then it is part of our everyday vocab.
We even named our house "Andever"and had a sign made to hang up at the front.
When we were married Kevin put in the word "Andever"  as place of marriage (oh  he also put in South Penrith ).

Well as I have said before this is the time to finish up bits and pieces with the house  as we want to sell.
Getting back to the sign -the stain on the frame was faded and looking dull and even the door bell
looked a bit tired.

Today  Kev took them down and sanded them and I stained them and Kev sealed them and put them back up ..
STUNNING...  It was a quick job but gee it really looks good.I am glad we did it.

The BEFORE  photo...Looking pretty sad hey.

The AFTER shot and I am so pleased with how they both turned out.

But that wasn't the end of our  Saturday morning fix up.....I deiced to weed the side garden -then the hedge out the front got a weeding and the electric cutters came out so they then had a hair cut... Well then I thought "Oh heck I may as well just weed, trim and cut some more of the front garden-(very big job) that way I can kill myself doing it  at least I will have a neat garden out the front for the funeral)

After all this I waddled back into the house and crashed.Poor Kevin got left with the cleaning up.ha ha

Scratch another job one off  my our  list....

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  1. It certainly looks differant. Very good Deidre.


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