Friday, July 27, 2012

My afternoon quickie....

My afternoon quickie ......Ha ha ha that got your attention didn't it.No it isn't what you are thinking -like how rude do you think I am????

No yesterday I decided to make Little Man a treat for when he got home from

Here is what I did...

He loved it .All I did was butter 2 slices of bread.   On one slice I sprinkled 100's and 1000's .On
the other slice I got a cat shaped cookie cutter and cut  out my shape and placed the slice on top of the other.I thought why waste bread so I placed the little cat on the plate and sprinkled that one as well with the sprinkles.
I used Nestle's choc bits for the cats nose and for the eyes I had some pre made ones that I bought
from my local cake supply shop-What for I can't remember but who cares look great the way I
used them on this sandwich....

And the final verdict was -------drum roll-----------

Little Man loved them and said he just loves pussy bread.(leave it don't say anything   please )

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  1. Amazing how you can dress up a slice of bread to look good for a 5yr. old.


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