Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guessing game

Hello again.

So here's another guessing game.
Whats spikey and white ????
Not sure?

Any idea?

Come on I am sure you know Now...

You know now don't you.....

Yes it's our little Pirate...The Little Man is going to a dress up birthday party and he got this outfit last year for his birthday but it was too big (plus I forgot he had it ha ha ) Anyway we tried it on and it was
PERFECT  for our Little pirate.

I took heaps of photos because he looks so cute oh sorry I mean he looks so BAD....

But on no I forgot something..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every pirate needs a moustache......So out came my face paints and presto.....We have our PIRATE.

Mean pirate..
Why are you  wondering "white hair" Well I knew he wouldn't wear a hat or if he did he would lose it
so I thought just spray his hair for fun.The best part is he LOVES it

He can't wait to go to the party and keeps telling me to hurry up and take his picture.....
This must be the mean pirate talking....

Sensitive Pirate....I hope he has fun at the party .

Kerry has just brought home the Little Pirate-all tired and messy but he said he had a good time...

This little cutie with the Little Pirate is his friend who he calls Little Charlie.
no idea why he says that but he always has.She is such a gorgeous kid -outgoing friendly as
opposed to the LM shyness.
They make a great pair.  PS she is dressed as Rapunzel

Party's over and and I tired.But I had fun.....

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