Friday, July 27, 2012

Cake flops and cake pops.

OMG I must be losing it.....I had decided to make some cake pops for Little Man's birthday party next week- BIG MISTAKE

I wanted to make 2 types one just with candy coating with sprinkles (well the kids are only 5) and the other was using marshmallows and were Lego man heads.



Now I have made a serious amount of wedding cakes and 21st cakes etc.I went to Tafe for a year doing Cake decorating and passed with really good marks (gloat gloat gloat )..You know proper cakes with almond paste and fondant -pipped lace work hand moulded flowers you name it I did it and did it good..... Until now..

It started around 2.00am I couldn't sleep so I thought I would do a practice round of cake pop making ...hey I don't need to practice I can do these with my eyes closed...And that's how they looked as if I made them with my eyes closed...

 My balls are good now put them in the fridge ..
I think the picture says it all.

So after the dismal effort I made at making my cake pops I thought just go to bed.  Where I was greeted by a loud train sleeping in my bed...(I should have just come out with it straight-.Kev was snoring so loud ....OMG deafening....My punishment for being so cocky about how easy these cake pops would be.-Hence the title Cake flops.....

Today is a new day... I Started again.... and while they aren't perfect they will get better after a few practice goes...Hey I did say LM's party is next Sunday didn't I ?????????????

 All wrapped and looking pretty..Not really the bags cover alot of faults and hopefully by the time you take the bag off you will just eat it not examine it.....(PLEASE)

Now for my balls...Not bad ...Just don't think they can really be called "balls" the shapes are - well they are different....

 So tomorrow I am going to do some more but this time I am just going to concentrate on one style at a time.And I will never gloat again...(well maybe just a little )he he he

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  1. The kids will love them no matter hoiw they turn out. It's the parents you have to impress.


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