Friday, November 2, 2012

Christening cooking.

On Sunday our Grand daughter Shakira had her Christening...

It was a beautiful day and we took heaps of photos but I am still getting over the trip and have just worked it out that I am not "Superwoman" ha ha so I haven't sorted through them properly yet.Hopefully I will get to them on the weekend.

Anyway before we went up to Coffs Harbour for the big day I cooked up  a few things......
I Love how the candle turned out.I used this cute lace around the bottom because I thought it looked like a little skirt...

Oh and the cake pops.....what a drama.

I made them on Wednesday and decorated them Saturday morning at 2.30am before we left.No problems there the problem was they didn't like the 6 hours of travelling and the 3 hours of sight seeing before we went to the motel...needless to say by the time I unwrapped the carefully packed pops there was a few that were "POPPED" ha ha ha although I wasn't laughing at the time.

I got the little butterfly's from Etsy from "Sugar Robot" they are printed on edible rice paper and you just attach them with icing or candy melts and fold there wings up abit....I put some little pink pearls on the centres because ----well just because I wanted to and it was 2.30 in the morning and I can...

The cupcakes were made at the time I was decorating the pops then I iced them very early Sunday morning before the Church service.They also turned out quite new favorite Red velvet cupcakes with vanilla icing mmmm yum.

The Butterfly bread was a hit as well.Woolworth's now stock the sprinkles in a box with 5 different types of pink sprinkles and they work out quite cheap and are just something for the little kids to eat..
.Although I did see a couple of "adults" eating them...."Oh look fairy bread made into little butterfly's cute"
They must have tasted OK as there was none left.
So there is a little bit of the cooking we did.I will show the  craft next time....

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