Saturday, November 24, 2012

25 Weeks but who's Counting....

We had a lovely family dinner last night.

The parents to be be and the new homeowners..

 I am still running on empty well that is how I explain it .I am going into hospital for an iron infusion on 4th Dec so hopefully that will perk me up....anyway

I didn't want to do the "Traditional Baked Dinner" so I cooked baked chicken  a potato bake fresh corn and a Cesar salad and OMG it was delicious....or so I say my self....

Any way made Kerry let me take her side on view photo.Can you believe she is 25 weeks.Not long till Nana's little boy is here...

Kerry said she feels "fat" and is hating it at the moment.
I think she looks beautiful and that's what Kev keeps telling her as well.

Manny just looks so happy..Proud Dad to be

Young love.I give them 2 years and we will hear the pitter patter of little Datsun drivers from these two...

I couldn't resist this.
I love them both so

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  1. Kerry looks stunning just as all pregnant mums should be. She is absolutely glowing. Kevin also is glowing, maybe from the beer or a soon to be Pop once again?


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