Sunday, November 4, 2012

Craft for Shakira

Today I have some pictures of some of the craft items I made to give to Shakira as part of
her Christening gifts.

Hope you like them...
 I saw "BLING" baby joggers on Pinterest (sorry but I never saved it....) anyway I got these plain pink joggers on Ebay for $5 added rhinestones and pink bows and sequin fabric some pearl buttons and trim and I am very happy with the result...
 Shakira looked so cute in them.It was just an easy way to jazz up some plain little shoes.
 These little white shoes are from Etsy and when I got them as much as I liked them I thought they were a bit Bland....So out came the hot glue glun some pretty ribbon & pearl button and PRESTO....
 Shoes fit for Cinderella......
 Just a plain white t-shirt from Big W for $3.... now it looks quite pretty with abit of lace and a pink
ribbon.Just enough to transform from plain to pretty...

Ha Ha here I was bored the other night so started mucking around on Pic monkey...It is amazing what you can do....I think I may need to buy Shakira a razor though ha ha ha Gee I think I am so funny THUD!!!! that was me falling off the chair in laughter.
Oh go to bed Dee ......


  1. Love those shoes. Makes a HUGE difference.

  2. I love the shoes. You have to do a pair for Kerry to put in the hope chest for the next little one.


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