Monday, November 5, 2012

My first attempt at Subway Art.

On this Friday our niece is getting married.

Anyway her mother sent me a couple of pictures showing me 2 things she would really liked to have  at her wedding for guests to sign -rather than the old guest books of the past ha ha ha and for us to pick one to get her.

I looked at them and thought "too hard-I will just order them both for her" that was until I saw the price ...OMG Are you kidding me.The "Love " sign was almost $100 and the other around $60.No way  Hose I WILL make them myself.

Now don't think me a cheapskate but we have already bought them the Cake knife and Engraved  please Champagne flutes both to use at the Wedding.

I have Photo shop but I can't work it out so how on earth was I going to do this??
Enter Mr Google.....

Where I found this site called The Mother Huddle and what a site this is.....

You all know how much I Lovvvveeeee Pic Monkey well The Muddle Huddles shows you how to make a subway card using Yes you guessed it-PIC MONKEY....

I was so excited I just had to start.So after a few goes I kept changing things around and around till I was finally happy with what I had done.

Then once the Subway one was done I made the other one using the same princeables and this was made on Pic Monkey as well.

I won't explain how I did it The Mother Huddle does it a whole lot better than I could ever do-so please check her out...

 We had the frames made by our picture framer who we use all the time.Then Kev put the completed image into photo shop (yeah he can use it -show off )to make it 11x14 inches then we (Kev ) put it on a USB and off to Office works to get it printed.

Sorry the picture is abit funny but I was in a hurry to get this finished and to give to Clare.
With this one when I was doing it I kept saving it and going into "WORD" and making it fit a A4 size piece of paper.

Then I put the mat board over the print to see where I needed to fill it in with more words.
I am quite happy with this one but I have made another and added more to it and changed it a wee bit in case Clare doesn't like this one.

So this is the 2 of them finished.
At the Wedding people will sign either one or the both of them whatever Care wants.
So all up my cost for making these was $50 for the 2 frames and $3 for the printing...Not bad hey and a big difference $ wise  to what the others were.

Thanks The Mother Huddle.
Thanks our picture framer.
Thanks Office works.
But most of all Thanks Pic Monkey......

And fingers crossed that Clare will like them.I already have more ideas in my head to do some others
but I have other things first to finish.he he he

PSSS...I couldn't sleep worrying about the subway print something just wasn't right.
So out of bed I go and back into the office to tweak it a bit more,add some more words move some around  so now I am very happy with it.

Yep I like this version better it seems to fill the heart more.

Just a couple of close ups....
Now back to fingers crossed hope she likes them
dee x


  1. Clare should be very happy with the end result. They look amazing. Well done Deidre & Kevin.

  2. They both look wonderful. They will definately be loved.


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