Thursday, November 22, 2012

Washi Storage.

I have told you all before about how much I love washi tape well it is still a great love of mine except I was having trouble with storage of the tape.

I had them in a box -No good I love to see the colours and it was just a tangled rainbow.

I had them on paper towel stands -  out grew them

Then help arrived via Ashley's blog -Under the sycamore tree  she also loves washi tape and found a great way to store hers while on her adoption journey in China.( A must read story)
What an amazing vision.....60 plus rolls of washi tape.

I got a broom handle and screwed it to a  piece of wood to form a base ( I say I but mean Kevin he he he )  I love  my pink washi tape....
Then I put all my washi tape onto the broom handle it making sure it was all colour coded properly.
"Hey LM red stars do not go next to green spots"

                                    "I don't care if you like yellow spots  next to blue stripes"


Now Ashley put a base on her top??? do you know what I mean  but I left mine off not because I want  easy access to my tape to change them around....

No that would be common sense...NO mine doesn't have a base on top because I forgot to buy one so until I do the tapes  can be taken off "oh NO".... " LM do not mess up my tapes "

                             "I said DO NOT MESS MY TAPES AND CHANGE THE COLOURS AROUND......I AM WARNING YOU ...."

The best part of messing up my tapes is--You get to put them all back on again and  remember all the ones you forgot you had.

This is just a very quick basic idea on a storage issue I had  and I love the result and I will add the cap to the top and guess what I need another one  real soon as this one is   almost full and I have another 15 rolls on order.

                                                           Yep I am in Wash Heavan.....


  1. At least you now have better storage for them all. I'm sure that Aidan will love playing & sorting the colours for you.

  2. I love all the colors and sections in one place.
    Hugs, Lynnie


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