Friday, November 9, 2012

Spoil myself

When we went shopping at Woolworth's the other week I decided to spoil myself and bought 2 bunches of flowers.I spent a big $10.whoop whoop

The bunch above cost me $4 I wish I knew what they are called but I don't ,they are so delicate and have a sweet light smell to them I love the little green cone buds they have as well..
 These ones were $6 a bunch and I put them on my coffee table.They look so beautiful and simple.
 I just used this glass bottle for the vase and I think it works good..
I had to show you this...these are the same flowers from the first photo but this one was taken 2 weeks later....Look at how the "bud" has exploded into tiny flowers...and I am so slack that I haven't even changed the water once and they still look as good as the day I bought them...

So for $10 I got two weeks of pleasure.I usually don't like flowers but lately (it must be me getting older ha ha ) that I am starting to enjoy having them inside ans I have made a descision to get a bunch or two each week-only thing is I only want white....gee I am weird.In my garden outside it is a blue and white garden but I wouldn't put blue in my house so it will just be plain white...
But I have seen some beautiful "white" flower bunches so I can't loose.

So how do you keep your flowers staying fresh longer?  I think I just got a good bunch this time.

Thanks Woolworth's for having such amazing flowers..

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  1. Very pretty & you can't beat white. Even in the garden white is always stunning.


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