Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where's the bed????

Ok so you go away for 3 days 2 nights and book a really really nice motel to stay in.

All OK there no problems.....

Mmm yum we even had a hot breakfast each day included in the package...

Once we arrived we got a nice surprise that we had been "upgraded" from a garden view  2 bedroom suite into a ocean view 2 bedroom suite....And the view was brilliant.

The suite was really nice and  clean ,big a TV in both bedrooms a lounge ,dinning table and kitchen on the top floor....Bedrooms were downstairs and did I mention CLEAN.....

Our room had a spa bath in it  which the LM loved. Why we even had a washing machine and dryer (which I used so I wouldn't have a heap of washing to do when we got back to reality.)

The second room had 2 king single beds and was a really nice room.The LM liked this room and was excited about "HIS" room.

So why the whinge? Everything seems good .....Well it was except for one little thing...

The Little where do you think he slept?

Yep......not in his room.
The first night he slept on the chair in the lounge room in various positions.....

The second night-at least he made it into a bedroom "Ours" but did he sleep in our bed.?

Nope he slept curled up under his favorite blanket with his best friends....At first I didn't realise it was him and was about to pick up his blanket then I saw the blanket move.He gave me such a fright.So we left him there.

In the morning when he woke he told us he had been camping...gee he is a funny little thing.

So next time I am not going to bother booking a 2 room suite just get a double room for Kev & me and the  LM can and will sleep where ever he wants ha ha ha


  1. He is so funny. Love the way he slept in the chair. You cant help but smile.

  2. Yor very lucky that he will sleep anywhere. I love the camping bit, hard floor and all.


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