Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

When we went up the coast for our granddaughters christening we did the tourist thing as well.

When we stopped for breakfast and were looking at all the Coffs Harbour tourist attractions.
one that stood out for us was the Butterfly House-yep this  looks good so we decide to go there first...

Tra la la la  that's driving sounds....

We turn up  at the Butterfly house and are instantly impressed.The gardens and lawns were beautiful
no litter it looked just like the pictures on the brochure so no photo shoping here and there was people and cars everywhere which we took as a good sign....
 We had a great time thereit was really a top class attraction but still small enough to offer a  personal touch The guides name was Sam and she was great,She took us around and told us about the butterflys and she took time with the LM showing him and putting butterflys on him as he was "Oh no I don't want to touch them" by the time Sam had finished with us LM was picking up butterflys and really having fun.
I think it makes a difference when the staff really like their job cause it shows.

The butterfly house was extremely hot so the butterflys can breed and live there all year round  but who cares how hot it was when  there were beautiful butterfly's everywhere.

  We were shown this stick creature,...He (yes he was a "He" not that we could tell but Sam told us ) was so big the LM would not touch him....(neither would I )
 This butterfly on the LM shoulder was dead but I didn't have the heart to tell him...Oh and this blue crumpled butterfly only hatched that morning and the guide told us she wouldn't live long....but her colours were beautiful.
"Dee this butterfly just landed on my hat....Deeeee"
 These 2 beautiful butterfly's are Blue Mountain Beauty's and are extremely rare...These are pictures of the male species the females are very camera shy....

At the Butterfly house they also had a maze.Kevin and LM went in and I think Kev was hoping to lose the LM in there but they both managed to find their way out so they recieved a lollipop for doing so...
 And yes we had the traditional photo under the Big Banana...Did you know they have toboggan's at the big Banana???

 The LM and Kev had a great time on them".More DA come on DA lets go again DA "Poor Kev he kept on going back...and the LM loved it...
The only disappointment was the Honey farm.The picture of the LM near the bees was IT..that and a cute entrance.
I wouldn't advise anyone to go there.Waste of time...

So if you are going to Coffs or on the way up to OLD stop in at the Butterfly House you won't regret it..


  1. Kevin seems to enjoy himself as much as Aidan. The Butterfly House is a must do when travelling down to Coffs.


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