Tuesday, August 13, 2013

From Advent Calender to Blackboard..

Last year I made a great Advent Calender,it was my first ever and I loved it....

But after Christmas while at mums I bought a Advent Calender that was in soft greens and white "perfect" for how I want to decorate for Christmas this year....

So what to do with my little calender?

"BING" idea flash.....I have a very small wall space in my kitchen that hangs a couple of plates.I don't really like the plates so I am always thinking of ways to change that wall and now I have it-I am going to change my Advent Calender into a blackboard.

Yes you heard right .

Wait till I tell you how easy this was you will be getting out the blackboard paint asap.

All I did was to remove the staples from the back of the frame that was holding the wire on and rid of the wire.

Kevin cut me a piece of mdf 3mm to fit.

The frame was painted white so it was ready to go and we even had a hanger on the back ready to hang it.

I bought some Dervin Blackboard (Dervin has around 10 different blackboard coloured paints to choose from I chose Black)  paint from Spotlight and I rolled 2 coats on.

Let dry for around 5-6 hours between coats.

When it was dry Kevin attached the "blackboard" to the frame.

Next get a piece of chalk and rub the chalk  all over the blackboard this is to "season" the blackboard so you can use it.Then just erase it.

I decided to use "Texta" liquid chalk marker as I didn't want the writing  to be able to rub off.The pen was $4 and I am really pleased with how it worked....

Whoa ...........I started being very carefully with some little dots.

Then I drew some letters on with a lead pencil.I had seen a picture like this on Pinterest but who ever saved it never linked it back to the original so I cant give credit here but thanks... By this stage I was feeling a bit yuck and just wanted to finish it ...I should have put it away and finished it later taking more care but that's not me....

I then started filling in the letters.This is where the pen loses some of it's original sharpness.The more you use it to fill in the letters the nib of the pen sorta go fat so you cant get a chisel edge.I still liked the way it turned out but I would get a chisel tip pen and wide tip pen next time I did one(if I ever do)..

                                                   So this is  how the writing finished up.

And this is the blackboard in the space where the plates used to hang.It looks good here but as usual I find it hard to get used to change.

Then because I am such a pain in the butt I took it down and added some bunting and a arrow to it ,By this stage I was over it and I think I over did it.

What do you think ?is it OK?

The LM wants to write a shopping list on it now...I know what it will say "chocolate,chocolate and CHOCOLATE..."ha ha

So for the moment the blackboard is in my office while I decide whether to keep it as is or redo it.I like it but just don't know what to do....


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  1. You're going to kill me - but I liked it better without the banner - lol -
    But I have to tell you - it's a beautiful chalkboard - the frame is perfect!!!

  2. I also like it without the bunting, but all to their own likes & taste.


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