Saturday, August 24, 2013

School Holiday's are over YEAH!!!

Yeah !!! Whoop!!! Whoop!!! can you tell I am happy.

School is back and I am back to a normal routine....I miss the LM dearly but gee I am glad he is back at school...thing is though its nearly time for holidays again....

                                                            LM loves riding his bike.....

I am lucky because LM doesn't know  what the statement "I'm Bored" is ....I hate it when kids say that .LM is good that he can occupy himself or he loves company...he will lay on his bed and watch a DVD or be out riding his bike or mainly he loves bugging me...Dee can I have a biscuit? Dee can I have a chocolate...Dee I am hungry.... Truly he is always hungry except at tea time .....

        He rode almost every day of the holidays.I enjoy watching him but God he goes too fast...

Any way I did enjoy these holidays with him....I have seen a different side to him,

A big buster on his arm but when he went to Soccer he was a star showing off his war wound..

He has grown so much and we have had some great conversations.I love how his little mind works.He is very keen on writing and is continually asking me how to spell this or how to spell that.I make sure I answer him as I want to keep up the keenness he has.Sometimes it is annoying if the truth be told but I guess that's part of growing up....He wants to be an author when he grows up...But then again he says he would like to be a policeman when he grows up maybe he will be a policeman who writes lots of tickets....

So in these holidays we did lots of this.....This is a "school bus" or that's what he calls it. He puts his toys around the house and goes around and collects them in the school  bus.Where he got this idea from is beyond me as he has never been on a bus.....toot toot as he does his bus route...funniest thing ever.

and lots and lots of this.....

Hanging out with his cousins Zeke and Trey and his favourite person at the moment "Auntie Pam"....all I hear is "can I ring Auntie Pam?" "can we go to Auntie Pam's?" "Auntie Pam does this and Auntie Pam does that"....Yep Auntie Pam is flavour of the month.She takes him to school each morning (I am so grateful for this) and he loves it he is always wondering what car is Auntie Pam coming in today Dee?...

The kids really loved this piece of play equipment.............

There was lots of pulling selling faces.Whats that old saying "lets hope the wind doesn't change"....ha ha

LM by far just loved playing on his trampoline......"look Dee see how high I can go" "dee come and get on here with me"OH Sorry mate I am too old....

Until he fell and hurt himself......

So I gave him the watering can to water the plants so he can feel better...It kept him busy for 10 minutes or so...

For the next school holidays I am going to miss the LM he is going to Queensland to stay with my mum and dad.He is so excited and cant stop talking about it.I know I will cry and I am going to miss that little voice calling "DEE where are you?" but gee I am going to have some fun just being me and Kevin for 2 weeks actually it will be for 16 days but who is counting....


  1. I love the photos of Aidan on the trampoline, & yes he can amuse himself which is a really good thing. The older he gets the better he will be. Have a great Sunday. xxx

  2. I'm confused. Did you just have school holidays. I thought you were in Australia and you seem to be as you mention QLD.
    Looks like a fun time.

  3. A policeman who writes up a lot of tickets LMHO !!!
    He is such a lucky little boy to have you in his life Dee - truly!!!!!!!!!
    ( you're just as lucky too I know )

  4. A policeman who writes up a lot of tickets LMHO !!!
    He is such a lucky little boy to have you in his life Dee - truly!!!!!!!!!
    ( you're just as lucky too I know )

  5. He is growing up so fast! Fun times!


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