Sunday, August 18, 2013

Book week ...

 It's was the LM's first book week this week.

I was a bit surprised as there was no Book Week parade where the kids dressed up.Just a concert where each class sang two songs.Also we were allowed to go to the class room and have a look at what the kids were doing then on to the libray where you could purchase a book for your child....

I was at the hospital for the first bit but Nana Sid and Aunty Pam went into the LM's class room for a look around.He was so proud seeing them there.

Later they went to the libray where Nana Sid bought him a cook book that he wanted.He is such a funny little boy...

Kev and I arrived in time for the concert.You should have seen his face when he saw Kevin  filming him it was like someone had turned the smile button on high.He was grinning from ear to ear...

The night before LM and I made some bookmarks for his classmates.They were large paper clips with some owl buttons I had bought from Etsy years ago.We just glued the button onto the disk on the back of the  paper clips .The paper clips were also from Etsy.How easy was that.....

Then I made a little card to attach to the bookmark in PicMonkey and put them in little bags.
They turned out great and were a big hit with the kids...

Hope you had a Good Book Week.


  1. I'm glad that book weeks is still going, although the parades were a really fun part.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what LM and you cook from his new book :) BTW LOVE the owl bookmarks!!

  3. I love the book marks. For some reason our school isn't celebrating book week :(


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