Monday, August 26, 2013

Home Sweet Gnome

Last weekend we went to our local nursery to pick up a few little plants  and while  we were there I had to check out their home wares.They had the cutest little garden gnomes painted bright pink and some turquoise blue they looked so cute till I saw the price. You have got to be kidding I wouldn't pay that much ever for a garden gnome NO WAY....

All week these little fellas have been stuck in my mind.I liked them for a pop of colour in the garden but I wasn't paying that much for them so I went to Bunnings where I got these 2 big ones  for $10 each and the little one is from the cheap shop for $2.And guess what I still haven't paid the amount they wanted for that one gnome  and I have three gnomes so I am still in front ....

Out came the primer and I gave them all a good coat.I actually even liked them white and thought they would look good like this at Christmas with some glitter on their hats.....maybe we will see them come December who knows "Christmas Gnomes"....

Then out came the spray paint.I didn't want to buy  any so I  used  what I had on hand and that was hot pink and orange...........I gave them 2 light coats.

LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM....................

I don't need to say anymore..................but I will I really love these they look cute in my wine barrels but I am going to move them out to the backyard just in case someone decides to pinch them from the front -Gnome kidnapping.....

I sent Kerry the pictures of my little gnomes and she asked me to make her two to go into her vegie garden how cute will that be ...So we will have to go back to Bunnings for some Gnome shopping...

Do you have any gnomes in your garden?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks I have just made a lovely green one and my daughter wanted a red one both looked great-love dee x

  2. I don't particularly like gnomes but they turned out alright. I still have John's NRL gnome that you gave him here in the box. Maybe next garage sale he'll go?

  3. I just loooove gnomes! I have a few around my garden. how fun that you painted yours, good eye!

    1. Thanks I really enjoyed doing these they look so fun and happy in the garden-love dee x


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