Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to make a Baby Tab Blanket.

Gee things have changed since Kerry was a baby I know it was 30 years ago but the things they have now are great.

 There are things available now that weren't  there 6 years ago with the LM are unbelievable.

One of these that I think is great is "The Baby Tab Blanket" Kerry has one for Jaxon and he loves it.She asked me if I would make her a couple of more for when one is in the wash he will still have one to play with...

Basically it is a soft cloth with various types of ribbons and braids in loops around the edge.Babies hold unto the blanket and also hold the loops of ribbon.

OK I will give it a go.

All you need is ...

Assorted ribbons and ric racs

Fabric -I used Minky and some plush fabric.They are wonderfully soft and wash up really well.I bought 30cms of each so I can make sure I have plenty and gee do I have plenty...

Cut your ribbons and ric ric into 10cm lengths.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric into a square.You can do whatever size you want.I did mine about the size of a face washer (flannel)...

Fold your ribbon in half and pin  (ribbons etc) to the right side of one of your squares with the ribbon facing inwards....

Sew around the square making sure you catch the ribbon as you sew...My stitching was about 1cm from the edge...

Put your other square on top right sides together  and sew around all the sides leaving a opening for turning your squares out.

Turn out and lightly press.

Pin the opening closed and stitch around the whole blanket.

A little tip if you are using minky fabric.Pin it really well as it is slippery and will go wonky if not pin really well.

And there you have it a cute little tab blanket  for your baby.

How cute would this be for a baby shower gift .I am going to make Kerry a few more and we have a new grand baby due at the end of August so I will do a couple for baby....

I have seen some on EBay and they have a little plastic ring threaded through one of the ribbon loops so you can attach it to baby or  their toys.....I haven't got any rings yet but I have ordered some.

I hope you give it a go.

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