Saturday, August 3, 2013

LM finds a old friend.

Alan and Lisa (are the LM's godparents) well they gave him this bouncing cow for a gift a couple of years ago...

LM called him Nigel.LM   loved him but then he fell in love with something else....sounds like a man doesn't it ha ha...

Well Nigel had long ago been put away as LM didn't play with him anymore that was until today...

"DEE!!!!  I found Nigel "

"oh Nigel I have been looking for you everywhere"LM whispered to Nigel

And that was it he played bounced and bounced some more for an hour,then Nigel came inside to watch a movie then they went back to the trampoline for a bounce.

Its funny hey Nigel has been here all along but LM couldn't see him now they are inseparable...

I cant win just when I think I get  handle on bringing up a boy  he goes and does this.

Got to love him...


  1. Dee....just warms my heart to think of the sweet reunion! This is what life is about...these cute joys :)

  2. He's having so much fun. It's good when kids can amuse themselves outside & not inside all the time.


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