Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grateful book

A couple of weeks ago I was watching Sunrise on TV in the morning  and they had this Doctor on talking about A Gratitude Study that has been done in the USA.She said the results were amazing and that she has been practising the same theory over here with her patients with the same level of results...

Normally I would switch the channel  when this sort of segment comes on but something made me watch and listen.

She (the Physcaristist) get her patients  to every morning to write down three things they are grateful for ...This is what the study also did. In the end they found that patients with chronic pain suffered less pain  after doing this for 6 months and that her patients were having a better day and their depression was improving some patients even reporting that their depression was almost gone.

It said a lot more here as well but I didn't see the last part except that she said it is better to do this in the morning rather than the evening as it puts you in a good mood frame for the day when you did it.

Also she said it doesn't matter what you write whether it is large or small just write three things daily...

OK so I thought I would give it a try no harm in trying hey,I didn't tell anyone in case they tried to talk me out of it............Now when I write my thoughts  I just write anything that comes into my  mind....

An example of how it can be just simple thoughts are -I am grateful for spending good time this morning with the LM or I am grateful that I am going to see Kerry and Jaxon today.

I don't really know if it is working as it has only been about 2 months but gee on the days I forget to do it I tend to be in a bad mood where as when I do it I tend to just feel happy.Once I write my daily "gratitude" I don't dwell on what I say I just write it and get on with what I am doing .It appears to be working for me so I guess it is whatever floats your boat.......

I am going to keep doing this as I like it .You can buy special Grateful books but I just use a medium size note book for mine.I cant say whether the pain is less but definitely my moods are better....and hey what have I got to lose it dosnt cost anything to do or it dosnt hurt anyone so I think I will keep going with it for a while longer......


  1. I do the same thing mentally and it definitely lifts your mood. The other benefit is that it is a kind of dairy and would be great to read back over after some time.

  2. Whatever works & worth a try. I think that it's a great idea.

  3. I love this idea, Dee! I hope this helps over time.



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