Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bedsides and tallboy.

I recently bought a lovely dressing table from Fiona at Lillyflield Life since then she has been on the look out for bedside tables and a tall boy for me.

The dresser is divine and I am so glad we bought it....

Fiona then rang me the other day saying she had found me the matching set to my dresser.

To say I was excited was an understatement.

So Fiona has painted them in white to match my dresser...

Loving this tall boy.The drawers are so big and deep.

We now have bedsides with three drawers they are a little shallower than what I had but gee I love them .How did I exsist with just two drawers ha ha

Im just loving how they look in my room so I cant wait till we repaint and carpet in here and then Wow they will be fantastic...

Here is a picture with my bed made ha ha ...

So now I have this lovely furniture in my room we have to redo the walls and carpet.... PHEW it never ends.......


  1. Looks so awesome Dee. Love the new dresser and their partner side drawers. Looks so great. I cannot wait to see what color you paint in this room. Have a great start to the new week.

    1. Hi Kris thanks for your lovely words they mean a lot from you.We are painting the walls Dulux Lexicon White which is a lovely white.The wall behind the bed was to be wallpapered but (don't tell kev) I was a bit disappointed with the colour of the wallpaper for our guest room.So I am thinking of doing a feature wall in a whitesh grass cloth-love dee x

  2. You are ao kind Dee, your room is just lovely


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