Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gravity cake

 Because it is Book week at LM's school this week I wanted to make a cake for his class.I had seen these Gravity cakes on Instagram and Pinterest and thought I will make him one of those....

Now me being me left it till 30mins till Kevin had to take it to the school so don't look too close or you will see my mistakes but truly this is a really easy cake to make...

And yes I made this in 30 mins but do remember I had bought a cake so all I was doing was just decorating it....
 I have made a mini tutorial here so you can see how easy it was .Sorry about the fuzzy photos I didn't clean the lens  and when I looked at my phone I thought it was the problem so I was going through the settings like a mad woman  till Kev told me to check the lens duh!!! ha ha .....

Now what you need is...

A cake duh!  I bought a mud cake as I didn't want to make one.
Cake board larger than the cake.
Balloon stick and cup, I got mine from Spotlight a pack of six for around $3.
Lollies. I used 2 bags of M&M's and one small bag of M&M's.
Melted chocolate. I used Nestles chocolate melt buttons and only used a half packet to cover my cake and stick.
A small paint brush to brush on the chocolate.

Dip your balloon stick CUP in the melted chocolate and stick to cake board. When dry stick the stick in the cup.

Push your cake through the stick ..

I then put some melted chocolate onto the base of the straw and a bit on the cake and quickly stuck the M&M's on.. then you keep doing that a bit of chocolate (using the brush) onto the straw then lollies and on and on till the desired height.

Because this cake was for the kids I wanted to really spill the lollies over most of the cake so I just poured the chocolate on and stuck the lollies in it where I wanted it to go.

Then with the small pack (emptied by Kevin who was eating them while helping ha ha ) we stuck a couple of tissues in the pack to make it look full.Then put a dob of chocolate on the straw tip and push the bag onto it,the chocolate will stick to the tissue and bag keeping it in place...

To finish I just stuck a few lollies on the board and using some stick on letters wrote "Book week" on the board ..

Next time I will make a cake (maybe) and I will ice the cake with butter icing only because you have more time to stick your lollies in but you would still need to use the chocolate for the stick ....

I have see so many variations of this cake the possibilities are endless. I am going to make one using Malteasers for Ashley when they return from their trip.

There you have it my take on the Gravity cake...

Just a close up of the straw being covered in chocolate and lollies.

On a little ending note the cake was a huge success. LM"s teacher  told us the kids were so excited and it was the first thing they asked about when school started in the morning on Thursday.Kev took the cake in on Wednesday.

The only sad thing was LM said one boy was crying when he saw the cake because he wasn't going to be there next day and he would miss out so the teacher gave him a couple of the lollies...

My cake cost around $10 (because I bought a ready made one) and the look on the LM's face when he saw the cake PRICELESS and SO WORTH IT....

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  2. Loving, sharing and pinning. This cake would make anyone's day a happy one.

  3. I hadn't heard of a Gravity Cake so this is totally new to me - wow this is amazing - Pinning now !

  4. You should be watermarking your pics Dee !!!

  5. My four-year-old just saw this, and was completely amazed! His birthday is next month. I think I know what we'll be making for him. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Brooke glad you liked it.Please send me a photo of the one you make for your little boy-love dee x

  6. It looks amazing. You made a classroom of kids really happy (well apart from 1 but teacher fixed that). LM is lucky to have a crafty mum.


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