Friday, August 8, 2014

Cheats homemade sausage rolls

Since I got sick I find it hard to stand for  too long so cooking is a pain.I cook lots of bakes now as I just put them in the oven and that's it...

Somethings you have to still cook and take a bit of prep but I have found little ways to cut that time down too..

Cheats Sausage Rolls....

You will need a packet of pre made frozen puff pastry (thaw before using.)
A packet of thin this recipe I used plain beef  but the chicken is great and Kev also loves the Italian sausages.
a small amount of milk.
Sesame seeds optional.

Take the skin off your sausage and  discard. put the sausage along the edge of the pastry .I do two sausages per sheet of pastry but 3 is quite easy to do as well.

Cut your pastry.
Brush some milk along the edges and roll....

You'll end up with a  long sausage roll.
Brush your roll with milk and if you want sprinkle sesame seeds onto the rolls.

Cut into pieces can do whatever size you want I usually do about 8 or 10  that way they are nice bite size pieces.

Put on a tray either greased or I use Glad bake.
Cook on a hot oven for around 15 mins.

Then serve hot...

There is nothing better than a hot sausage roll and some tomato sauce.mmmm well there is but that's for another post ha ha

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