Thursday, August 11, 2011

AC/DC Monopoly

I am so excited YEAH Whoop whoop ....................... get the idea....

Mum heard on the TV the other morning that they have released a collectors edition of Monopoly based on AC/DC.
Well my heart skipped a beat and I was determined to get one for Kevin,I thought I would give it to him for fathers day.

So off I go -net surfing and there she was in all her AC/DC glory just waiting for me to buy her .

Then I get this great idea.

Kevin's eldest son is also a AC/DC fan and his birthday is fast approaching so being the nice person (uh vomit) that I am I ordered one for him as well..

I was real proud of myself  for not mentioning it to Kev when he called later that day - but sorry I couldn't keep my mouth shut when I saw him - so I spilled the beans blah blah blah

I seem to have this habit of not being able to keep a secret regarding presents.

Kev stood there with his cheeky  little smile on looking at me so I know I did the right thing .

So now I can't wait till they arrive so we can invite Alan and Lisa over (they came to the AC/DC concert with us last year) and get the boys some beer and have a High Voltage evening of AC/DC  fun.

 Oh no Kev's got that smile on again and said we may even have some Dirty Deeds later on

.God he thinks he is funny.(but secretly I laughed.)

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