Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little Bunnie

Go South Sydney.....

The Little Man and I are Rabbitoh fans-just love them.I don't like the footy but I do remember my grandfather  supporting the bunnies while I was growing up .So it is nice to be a fan as well because it somehow makes me feel nearer to Pop.

When the LM was born I continually sang the club's song over and over  to him wether he was awake or asleep it was sung and without fail if the LM was crying my song would calm him right down and he would stop..

The songs starts as Gory Glory to South Sydney -repeat etcI changed the last line to  "Little mans going to be a rabbitoh".
I will say this about the song though it will drive anyone close to you crazy ....I know this for a fact.....If I start singing it now I get "Oh No not again"

When LM was smaller we took him to his first footy game.
South Sydney against the Canterbury Bulldogs which happens to be Kev and his family team BOO BOO.

Can't remember who won but at least I got cute photos of my boys.
It was funny as we were walking around as Kev was in blue and white Bulldog colours.The LM was dressed in his red and green Bunnies colours.
Well people keep stopping us to ask which team he was going for and how cute the LM looked.

So I found this photo the other day and it brought back some happy  memories and made me smile so  I thought I would share it with you.

                                                      My two cute footy supporters.Love them both

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  1. Aidan looked so cute & tiny back then. He'll proberly follow the Tigers when he gets older...Yea


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