Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Party Bits.

It seems like I have been making bits all week for this party.

Thank God it is over.Next year I think it will be a McDonald's party no mess no really yummie food but hey when the party finishes that is it...

Here are some more bits I made for the birthday boys farmyard party.

Choc top's
which i forgot to handout earlier but they still went latter on.

LM wanted a Tic Toc cake for his party.He went through the book and was
 determined he wanted this one

The party bags.

It is a shame you can't see this properly but the bunting looked great..
I had to paint the white cardboard with black splotches.then I cut out some white and black circles-they could have been bigger but I gave up I mean they are only babies they wont notice-it's just the mothers and godmothers ha ha that i have to worry about.

I ordered 10 of these and had them hanging up everywhere.

                                 The table looked great.(of course it did -you didn't think otherwise did you)

Some of the food.Chocolate crackles-cupcakes and my teacup biscuits-
chips lollies .
And to think all this plus more got eaten by tiny munchkins,


  1. As usual everything was perfect. True to form you are a party organizer.

  2. Gorgeous party Dee. Thank you so much for everything LM is so unbelievably lucky to have you. Never forget that. Not even for a moment.


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